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Tasting Notes: Tree Tomato, Milk Chocolate, Citric Acidity


Timaná is one of the Colombia's oldest original settlements. It is a town full of stories, tradition, and culture. The name comes from the Kechua language and means a place where ceramics and colourful geometric handcraft are made.

The town is also known for its unique geography and water resources. It is surrounded not only by the Andes mountains, but also the Magdalena and Golden Rivers. The convergence of all these geographic features has resulted in coffees from this region being balanced and complex.

Coffee growers from Timaná are descendants of three indigenous tribes who worked together to rebel against the Spanish conquerors. Timaná coffee reflects the character of these tribes and their descendants. Determination, uniformity, balance, complexity and surprise.


Process: Fully Washed

Harvest: Sept- Oct

Region: Huila

Varieties: 50% Caturra, remainder Colombia & Castillo