Santa Teresa Reserve, Puru
Thom Bargen Coffee Roasters

Santa Teresa Reserve, Puru

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30 minutes from Quillabamba, a major coffee trading hub, Huadquiña has actually been in operation since 1964, but the quality potential of the region went unrealized as a large cooperative union ruled the larger Cusco region for decades with an iron fist, making the trade channels too opaque and choppy to navigate with any success. In 2015, the organization disbanded, and Cusco essentially became a brand new producing origin in its own right.
La Convencion is far off the beaten path, a full 12 hour drive from town, crossing many a pass at 12,000 feet, and well worth the trip. With bourbon, typica, and caturra comprising the region variety landscape and altitudes of 1750-2200 masl, coffee is superb  


REGION: Santa Teresa 

ALTITUDE: 2000masl

VARIETIES: Typica, Bourbon, Caturra

PROCESS: Fully Washed