1KG Guji, Ethiopia - ESPRESSO
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1KG Guji, Ethiopia - ESPRESSO

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Kilenso Mokonisa is one of 5 wet mills owned by Israel Degfa. Here, local smallholder farmers around the area of Kerrecha deliver ripe cherries to the mill. Israel has a history of investing in sustainability programs that are targeted at improving the quality and performance of his coffees. This year, a flotation system was implemented at this wetmill for cherries upon arrival. In addition to heirloom varietals, local Certo and Wolisho varieties are also included in this year's lot.

Tasting Notes: Fig, Oolong, sour cherry


Region: Guji

Variety: Certo, Polisco, Hairlooms

Altitude: 2,000 MASL

Process: Washed