1KG - La Cometa, Guatemala
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1KG - La Cometa, Guatemala

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El Templo coffee is a blend that showcases the beauty, the history and
the culture of Huehuetenango and its Mayan archeological site, Zaculeu.
Huehuetenango is very well-known for its climate, landscapes and its
long history. The people here, the coffee growing families that produce
amazing coffees, work surrounded by mountains and beautiful
perfectly-blue lagoons, well worth visiting.
El Templo coffee has notes of sweet honey, yellow fruits, mandarin,
orange and a juicy body. The coffee producers that contribute to El
Templo are small-scale producers. The average size of farms in the
region is 3.48 hectares and their productivity is around 1,600 kg of
cherries per hectare.

Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Apple, Fig